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Oriental Harmony is a non-slip yoga mat made of natural rubber and eco polyurethane. The golden mandala on the mat is a symbol of harmony and perfection. The mat is exceptionally beautiful, delicate, subtle and made with care for every detail. Something for lovers of mysticism and exceptional elegance. The exercise mat is wider than standard mats and provides incredible comfort during practice without worrying about joints or a feeling of instability during exercise. The golden mandala was applied with a professional shading technique and looks beautiful. The pattern was hand-designed by a Polish artist.

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Cork yoga mats are non-toxic, free of PVC, TPE, foams, glues and harsh chemicals. It's unparalleled grip, guaranteed durability, and a grounding feel all rolled into one. The non-slip texture of the cork becomes even more adhesive when sweating. Yoga mats from this series will also be perfect for dynamic yoga. Try our best-quality yoga mats made of natural cork and an incredibly adhesive rubber surface. All cork mats will also be suitable for beginners.